The Australian Rising Stars Series has today announced that the new series launch will be delayed until 2021. Despite the full fleet of twenty Toyota 86 race cars already being built, the series has been forced to delay its first season due to circumstances out of its control.

Founder Wayne Russell made the decision as a result of NSW Sport and Recreation not approving the Series dispensation for drivers under 16 years of age.

“With the Series forming part of the Australian Motor Racing Series, two of the rounds would have to be in NSW. NSW Sport and Recreation only recognise Motorsport Australia sanctioned events and despite our best efforts we were unable to convince NSW Sport and Recreation to provide us with special dispensation, despite the fact we are simply trying to provide young go karters an affordable pathway,” reported founder, Wayne Russell.

Regardless of the setback, Russell will push on and is currently exploring running in State production car events under Motorsport Australia and AASA for go karters and other young drivers.

“We are exploring the opportunity of running State based Motorsport Australia events so those kids and families that are keen to have a crack, can at least trial the cars in readiness for 2021. We’ll also look to run the cars on corporate days. We have built the cars and have the transporters, so we’re continually planning and looking forward to making it happen soon. We are absolutely devastated that this has become a problem with NSW Sport & Rec, hopefully the problem can be sorted out with the governing bodies for 2021,” said Russell.

The Australian Rising Star Series was announced late in 2019 and includes a management model where young teens and their parents will also have the opportunity to share in seminars and workshops to help prepare for their son’s and daughter’s future in motorsport and are looking forward to running some events this year in preparation for our full series running in 2021 once we have solved the issues we are currently faced with NSW Sport & Rec.